Social retailing gives you the opportunity to simply refer customers and earn a commission.

Run by SPACEFX... our social retailing/affiliate program is simple and powerful.

You can refer any customers or affiliates living in the Utah and Salt Lake Valleys.

You can generate a great income personally referring customers and when affiliates that you have gathered refer customers.


It is all based on the sale of BLINDFAITH brand blinds. You simply make a referral of a home owner/renter who orders window coverings. We connect with them and take care of all the details.

Every home needs window coverings for light filtering and privacy. Most choose blinds because they are the most efficient, practical, and affordable... and now monetizable.

BLINDFAITH blinds come with a lifetime warranty, are locally made in Lehi, Utah... and are available at factory direct prices.

You refer customers who purchase a more banq for your buckTM B100.00 gift card for $50.00. Their B100.00 gift card is worth $100.00 for use in paying 10% of their personal blinds orders or the orders placed by others they may wish to easily transfer banqTM to.

You earn $50.00 on completion of your second B100.00 gift card. You earn $50.00 for every additional B100.00 gift card you sell. Just refer customers to us and we get them their gift card and take care of their blinds order, and get you your commission.

Your code consists of your second-on referrals and the first referral of each member of your code.

You earn $50.00 for the first sale made by each member of your code with the exception of every 4th which generates 50SV coded to you.

Your team consists of everyone in the first 5 degrees of your referral organization.

You are paid the following % of each 50SV coded to each member of your group:
DEGREE 1 = 8% (50SV = $4)     - 3 X $4 = $12

DEGREE 2 = 14% (50SV = $7)   - 9 X $7 = $63

DEGREE 3 = 20% (50SV = $10)   - 27 X $10 = $270

DEGREE 4 = 26% (50SV = $13)   - 81 X $13 = $1053

DEGREE 5 = 32% (50SV = $16   - 243 X $16 = $3888

This is an example of what can be generated monthly or more often. It is not guaranteed. It is based on purchases of blinds by customers referred by you, your code, and your group.


more banq for your buckTM



[ COST OF B100 IS $50 ]

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